ARTAS Pre-procedure Preparation

How to have your hair cut in preparation for your ARTAS Robotic Procedure

The following information is provided to assist you in the preparations for your procedure and help minimize any noticeable effects of your procedure.

1. In order to obtain the best outcome possible, you are required to have a very short haircut on the day of your procedure.

2. The easiest way to prepare for your procedure is to shorten your hair length over 2 or 3 haircuts (depending on the current length of your hair, and the time until your ARTAS Robotic Procedure).  This makes the transition less noticeable to family, friends, and co-workers. Your ARTAS Physician may be able to recommend a barber shop or salon that can assist you.

3. Ultimately the desired length of the hair in the back of the head (your donor area) is to be 1 millimeter on the day of your procedure. Some additional trimming may be done at the office the day of your procedure, but your overall style should always blend nicely.

4. After the procedure, the your donor area has grown back to a blending length within one week, and has returned to the same appearance as just prior to their procedure.