Vincent’s Testimonial

“When I had my strip surgery, it was pretty gnarly actually, to be totally honest with you. It was uncomfortable, it was very bloody, I could hear them cutting through my scalp which was pretty gross and it made me pretty uncomfortable. I had a splitting headache the first night and the second night. I had sutures across the back of my head. There was a lot of bleeding the first and second night – a lot of oozing. It was really uncomfortable. I had a really difficult time sleeping, even with pain medication… and there was a lot of blood. There was a lot of discharge. The sutures were uncomfortable. It was very difficult for me to sleep, even on medication. It took me probably two to three days of icing my face before the swelling in my temples went down and I actually felt comfortable going outside and having people see me. Because it really looked like I had been in a car accident. For months after my surgery I would get shooting pains and strange sensations. The top of my head was actually numb for a good three months afterwards. It was a difficult recovery.

When I had my ARTAS Procedure, it was night and day compared to the Strip method. The procedure itself was so smooth and so comfortable, that it was actually enjoyable and I fell asleep a couple of times. The procedure itself, virtually pain-free. Compared to the Strip method, my recovery time was phenomenal. I was back to work the next day. I was back to my regular activities within a couple of days. I felt great immediately afterwards. Within three to four days, I was back to my regular activities, spending time outdoors. I couldn’t ask for a better procedure to have done.”