Advanced Technology

Developed with top
Hair Transplant Physicians

The ARTAS® Robotic Procedure was designed by top hair restoration physicians in collaboration with roboticists to reduce the postoperative pain, scarring, complications and downtime of existing surgical methods. Patients can now expect great-looking results without the negatives of invasive, manual techniques that are subject to human error and fatigue. The ARTAS Robotic Transplant ensures consistently high quality grafts throughout the procedure. Even the 2,000th graft is as good as the first.

Better than the Human eye

The digital imaging system surpasses human vision by using multiple cameras and magnification levels to simultaneously view each hair and the overall donor area. The system allows the doctor to see the scalp in greater detail to create a three dimensional map used for real-time tracking and intelligent hair selection.

Selects the best hair for transplant

As the system scans the donor area, it is able to track and update coordinates for each hair 70 times per second. The system uses intelligent algorithms to target the hairs most likely to be harvested in excellent condition to reduce wasting grafts. The algorithms also target hair locations with the optimal spacing that will best maintain the natural appearance of the donor area.

Minimizing pain and recovery

Because of the procedure’s precision and accuracy, the ARTAS Robotic System harvests only what is necessary without creating excessive wounds or scarring. The system gently and consistently takes a tiny amount of tissue around each hair, so every graft is ideal for transplant. This minimally invasive technique leaves the donor area virtually undetectable and makes recovery fast. There is no need for stitches and the associated pain.